Three Common Health Issues that Senior Citizens Suffer From

Being close to elderly family members in their golden years is an important experience that no family should miss. Taking care of an elderly parent or relative is often a full-time job, and it can sometimes be a struggle to balance your responsibilities. For a number of families, assisted care and long-term care is not an option, and it may not even be something that you’re interested in. However, being able to get help when it is needed can be a great relief, and a chance to take a break or to take care of business or other commitments.

The Senior Social Club is an excellent option for elderly people that need short term elderly day care, provided in a safe and compassionate environment with a real community feel.

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Common Health Conditions that Require Care and Observation

A number of ailments can come with the aging process, and even with elderly people that are mostly independent, it is important that there is help available in case something goes wrong. Choosing an elderly day care center for your loved ones will mean that there’s always a team of staff on hand.

Alzheimer’s Disease

More than 10% of Americans over the age of 65 are affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s can be the cause of severe cognitive impairment, and depending on the stage of the condition, it might mean that an elderly person needs round the clock care and supervision.

For an elderly person that lives at home with loved ones or a dedicated caregiver, it’s possible to ensure that they are safe and cared for at all times. However, in circumstances where the elderly person would be left alone, there is a significant risk for accident and harm. Daycare for elderly ensures that short-term specialized care is available in a safe environment.


One of the most critical senior health risks, diabetes exists in 25% of the senior population over the age of 65. Diabetes requires monitoring of blood sugar levels, may require medication to maintain the condition, and many elderly diabetes sufferers will require special diets.

For those who suffer from chronic diabetes, it’s important that help is available at all times, particularly because there is the risk of coma, falls, and injuries if blood sugar levels aren’t closely maintained. A chronic diabetes sufferer can get non-intrusive supervision and short-term care at an elderly day care center in Florida


While not specifically a medical condition, accidental falling is something that many elderlies are at risk of. The risk of having a fall is increased with age, and it is estimated that more than 2.5 million elderly people are treated for accidental falls in any given year. For elderly citizens who are less mobile, or who may be suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, it’s simply not safe to be at home alone.

Daycare for elderly means that families can leave their loved ones in a safe environment for short time periods, with complete peace of mind.

Senior Day Care for Your Loved Ones

The Senior Social Club If any of the above conditions describe someone in your family, or even if there are other health issues that require supervision and care, then having the option to use a senior daycare center can be a huge advantage. It means that when you aren’t available to take care of your family member, you’ll always have a backup plan, and you’ll have confidence knowing that you’re leaving things up to professionals in a caring environment.

Elderly day care allows you to get a break and help when you need it, without going to the expense and trouble of hiring a full time or part time caregiver. Not only is a The Senior Social Club an excellent place for short-term care and supervision, but it’s also somewhere that your elderly family member can have fun, socialize with others, and in most cases, they will absolutely love the experience.

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