Why Social Activities for Seniors are Great for Mental Health

Benefits of a Coral Springs Adult Day Care Center

adult day care in Coral SpringsAdult seniors are beloved members of countless families across the world. However, many seniors feel neglected during their Golden Years, which can truly affect them physically and mentally. While it’s hard to spend time with seniors due to work and other family commitments, there is a great way for parents or grandparents to enjoy life to its fullest.

In fact, your local Coral Springs adult day care center features a range of social activities and events. As a reputable and seasoned adult care center, The Social Senior Club is committed to providing fun-filled activities and events for seniors of all ages. This allows them to make new friends while rekindling old friendships and truly feeling like they belong.

With adult day care in Coral Springs, we give your parents or grandparents the freedom and independence they deserve. In fact, our compassionate and caring staff helps all seniors enjoy a myriad of activities and programs. This includes interacting with fellow seniors and neighbors while enjoying movies, health seminars, shuffleboard, cards and so much more. You simply need to drop off your senior at our facility – then pick him or her up at day’s end.

We provide your seniors a great portal for enjoying activities that will strengthen the mind and body. In fact, many seniors develop anxiety and depression during their Golden Years. We work hard to make sure this does not happen with your loved one –by providing emotional guidance, support, and a great way to make new friends and enjoy life!

Benefits of a Coral Springs Senior Center

The Senior Social ClubThe Senior Social Club is a fully licensed and certified senior day care center in Coral Springs. Our highly-dedicated staff is truly professional, compassionate, and determined to make your seniors feel right at home. Whether for grandparents, elderly parents, or senior loved ones with caretakers – we welcome one and all to our amazing Coral Springs senior day care center. In fact, our care center continues to receive great reviews, and we are always updating our services to meet the needs of many families across Florida and the nation. We also customize meals, snacks, and other services based on your senior’s health or religious restrictions. Here are a few more benefits of our senior center in Coral Springs:

  • * A great alternative to pricey retirement homes or communities. Your senior stays with you – and all you need to do is drop him or her off then pick them up at day’s end. We handle all the rest and make all seniors feel right at home!


  • * Seniors in and around Coral Springs, Florida, will enjoy a variety of fun-filled and exciting social activities. This includes exercise programs, games, movies, TV, music, dance classes, shuffleboard, cards and even health seminars and speeches.


  • *All social activities are closely monitored by our highly dedicated staff and team members. We always make sure your senior is happy and never ignored. We also customize all services based on their individual needs. As always, there is a medical team on-site in case of any health emergencies. We will notify you right away, and your senior is always in the best hands with us.


  • * Our senior center is a great way for elderly residents to enjoy activities that they love. They will no longer feel like a burden to anyone – and our activities are perfect for tackling feelings of isolation or despair.


Adult Senior Care at its Best

At The Senior Social Club, we are proud to offer a full range of services for all members. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule a tour or consultation. From arts and crafts to games, our services are designed to help seniors live their lives to the fullest! For more information on our adult day care center in Coral Springs, simply contact us today or visit our website. You can also find favorable reviews for our center online and on Facebook.



Adult Day Care in Coral Springs Doesn’t have to Cost a Fortune

You love your parents, or your grandparents, but as time goes by, something happens to them. They get older, they become more frail, and perhaps they begin to lose command of their mental faculties. You know this to be true, and you know that you have to take care of them. The simple fact however, is that life goes on. Your loved one may be ailing, but there are a number of things that will continue to be true.

Adult Day Care in Coral SpringsYour job will still need you, the rest of your family will still need you, and you will still have a personal life that needs attending to. That being the case, you need to find a way to take care of your loved one in spite of everything that is happening. Your first instinct might be a nursing home but there are a few particular problems with that. First of all they might not be quite ready for a nursing home.

Maybe they can’t live independently, but maybe they do fine around the house when you’re there, and that still leaves the question of how you’re going to manage at work when you’re spending all of your time worrying about them. Don’t worry, our Coral Springs adult day care has the answer for you.


Why you Should Use Adult Day Care in Coral Springs

Aside from the guilt of dropping your loved one off at a nursing home before they are ready, cost probably comes to mind. How would you pay for it? If you have never considered a nursing home in the past, let’s look at some facts. They’re not free, not by any means. There are state run nursing homes, but they’re not a place where you would want to drop off your loved one.

So how do you pay for it exactly? If your loved one owns a house, you can will it to the nursing home to be used as collateral, though this is a sad state of affairs. Other options might be to empty a bank account, or even use their social security check to pay for the services. If you aren’t quite ready for that step, then our senior day center in Coral Springs is probably going to be your best option and we can’t recommend it enough!

Our service allows you to drop your senior citizen off during the day and pick them up in the evening, unless of course you’ve paid extra for transportation. While they are in our care you can be rest assured that they will have access to a ton of entertainment, people, and the nutrition they need to keep them in great shape throughout the course of the day. You couldn’t choose a much better option when it comes to senior care, and we’re one hundred percent dedicated to making sure they get exactly what they need throughout the day.

Taking Care of Personal Needs

The Senior Social ClubWe understand better than anyone that a ‘one size fits all’ plan for your senior citizen just isn’t going to work. You’re going to need something built around them; something that is absolutely customized to  their needs and we’re just the ones to bring it to you. If you take a quick look at our website and most importantly our plans page you will find that we typically do have a set program for the purpose of meeting typical needs, however these things can be changed on a person by person basis.

Remember, everyone is different, some senior citizens have certain diet requirements while others may need to see their medication schedule adjusted to meet specific requirements relating to their health. Anything can happen and we would like to think that we are prepared for anything as the top senior care center in Coral Gables. Now would be a great time to start making sure that your senior citizen is properly cared for and that they have everything they need during the day. It’s a bill that we can most certainly help you to fit.