Margate Senior Day Center

Margate adult day centerThere seems to be very few options in terms of caring for senior citizens. Often, caregivers are left having to choose whether or not they’ll host an elderly parents in their home, or place them in an assisted living facility. While in-home care is sometimes preferred, the costs affiliated are astronomical. Assisted living is also expensive, and many facilities simply don’t take the care necessary to ensure that your loved one’s needs are being met in a compassionate way that also ropes in a lively sense of community and socialization. Here at the Senior Social Club, a Margate adult day center, we pride ourselves on being able to provide compassion, care and community, all in one location and in an affordable way.

Who We Are

In short, we are a licensed adult day care center located in Margate, Florida. Our employees and volunteers are passionate about what we do, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide the best in care and community to senior attendees. We are qualified to supervise those with special needs, and we’re also there simply for companionship. We can manage medications, we can facilitate friendships, we can join your loved ones in a game of cards. We understand that needs go beyond necessary medical care, and that’s why socialization is a top priority for us. Our club is there for the enjoyment of seniors and the convenience of their caregivers – we offer extended hours and flexible scheduling with the option of attending activities together for that reason.

Services We Provide

We understand that every senior that walks through our door has a unique set of needs. Some are there purely to socialize while their caregivers are taking care of their day to day responsibilities, and others are there with a need for licensed supervision. In every case, special attention is given to each club member in a way that will be a beneficial experience for all.

Our on-site services include free visits to quality medical providers – physicians, podiatrists, physiotherapists, speech and occupational therapists, opticians, incontinence assistants, and personal care assistants. These providers work with a variety of insurance options for your benefit. Medical services aside, club members benefit from a variety of services for socialization like arts and crafts, media time, friendly games and activities to promote mental stimulation and healthy physical exercise.

Our facility is a home away from home for members, but accommodations resemble that of a club environment, rather than a living facility. We are equipped with a spacious living area that’s furnished with comfortable chairs and couches and large televisions, an activities room for arts and crafts, a media room, a computer station with Internet access, a cafe lounge area, and a library. Group and individual activities abound during the day to ensure that no member is ever bored or mentally unstimulated.

Member Prices and Requirements

Margate Senior Day CenterThere are no minimum day requirements for club members, and packages come in a range of options for the convenience of members and caregivers. One day a week is $70, two to three days a week is $65, and four to five days a week is $60. Each day package includes one meal and two snacks, accommodation for special dietary needs, and assistance with medication administration. Employees and volunteers on site are also equipped to assist in personal care as necessary and facilitate exercise programs and daily activities. Special features and add ons to packages include $15 round trip transportation service (in a 10 mile radius from our facility), and a minimum daily rate of $40 (does not include lunch).

If you and your loved one are in need of affordable care for senior citizens, look no further than our Margate Senior Day Center, the Senior Social Club. We’ll provide the best in care, and we’ll do it compassionately as we facilitate a strong sense of community that everybody needs, regardless of age.