Anxious About Leaving your Parents at an Adult Day Care? Don’t Worry!

adult day careIf you are a caregiver for your aged parents or another senior family member, you know that while this can be an extremely gratifying role, it can have some ups and downs too. You may have other people, other roles, and other responsibilities in your life that also need your attention. So if you need to attend to other things in your life, or simply want to take a break, leaving your parents or loved ones at an adult day care can be the perfect option.

But you may worry about whether or not your parents are going to like the place. You think about whether they will receive proper attention and if their needs will be met. You may also feel unsure about the cleanliness, activities, other day care members, food, and any number of other things that can make this decision much more difficult than it should be. The good news is that with the Senior Social Club, all your worries will vanish. Let’s take a look at what the Senior Social Club in Florida is all about.

Caring with Compassion

The Senior Social Club is a 3,700 square feet licensed adult day care center in Margate, Florida. We have a team of dedicated and compassionate employees and volunteers that provide the best of care for all senior members at our club. It would make you really comfortable knowing that our staff is well-qualified to take care of all the needs your loved ones may have. From assisting with medications or doctor visits, playing a game, providing companionship, or helping with special needs- our staff is compassionate, and form strong bonds with members that go far beyond than just a client-employee relationship.

Our facility is like a home away from home for seniors. They can relax, socialize, and be physically and mentally stimulated according to their own comfort. Some may prefer playing cards with a group of people, while others may opt for a quiet reading time in the library. No matter what a member chooses to do, our attentive staff is always there to assist in any way they can.

Club Programs

Our senior day care offers a large variety of activities for members to enjoy. We have memory puzzles and trivia games to stimulate the brain, musical games, arts and crafts, bingo, and other more interactive games, and also outdoor activities, dance parties, and exercise sessions that help to keep the body moving and have long-term physical health benefits. Lectures and sing-a-longs help to strengthen friendships and bond as part of a community. Any loneliness that your parent might be feeling will certainly vanish when they become a part of our close-knit membership club.

The Senior Social ClubOur adult day care also has a state-of-the-art café and media room where members enjoy eating meals and snacks (including special meals or meals with dietary restrictions), playing Wii games, or just socializing. Large screen televisions and a computer station with internet access ensure that club members are able to keep up with whatever they want. A fully equipped physician’s exam room can accommodate specialist appointments. Our staff is also certified to manage medication administration, so you know you do not need to worry about missed doctor appointments or pills.

Another great feature that we offer is flexibility in club attendance. While our facility is a great cost effective alternative to home health care and assisted living, we also do not require any minimum attendance. How’s that for affordability and convenience!? So even with a tight budget or the need to run errands every once in a while, you can still count on The Senior Social Club to provide a caring, safe, and fun environment for mom and dad. For more regular visits, you can purchase membership packages.

For any concerns or questions you may still have, we are available by phone at (954) 366–1212. For your complete satisfaction, you can also take advantage of a free trial day at our center! That way you will know for sure how your loved ones feel about our facility. Above all, the opportunities of socializing, taking up new hobbies, volunteering, traveling, and more will help your parent to have a more lively and satisfying time that will enhance the quality of their life.