Adult Daycare is more Affordable than you Think!

Benefits of a Tamarac Adult Day Care Center

Seniors are the pillars of many families across the globe. In fact, they are beloved members that should be treated with the utmost care and respect during their Golden Years. However, it can be tough for loved ones to spend every waking minute with their elderly parents or grandparents. With this in mind, there are options available for seniors that want to enjoy fun-filled and productive activities. The Senior Social Club features a full variety of fun events and activities for elderly loved ones. As a seasoned and industry-leading Tamarac adult day care center, we are committed to making seniors feel appreciated, loved and respected for everything they have done for us.

With adult day care in Tamarac, we give seniors the freedom and independence they deserve. In fact, our caring and committed staff help all elderly loved ones enjoy their lives to the fullest. This includes indoor health seminars, along with outdoor field trips and bridge and poker tournaments. As always, all activities are monitored –and equally – enjoyed by caring supervisors and staff.

Adult seniors simply need to be dropped off at our Tamarac facility – and picked up at day’s end. We handle all the rest with great events that allow seniors to meet old friends and make new ones. At the Senior Social Club, we truly offer the perfect alternative to expensive retirement communities and senior living homes.

Benefits of a Tamarac Elderly Day Care Center

The Senior Social Club is truly cost-affordable, and a full licensed senior day care center in Tamarac. With years of extensive industry experience, our staff is compassionate and committed to making all seniors feel right at home. Whether for elderly parents, grandparents, or even loved ones with caretakers – we offer great activities for all seniors and guests. In fact, our elderly day care center continues to receive great industry reviews and ratings.

As always, there are physicians and medical teams on-site in case of any emergencies. We also maintain contact with loved ones while your seniors are enjoying fun-filled activities and social gatherings. Here are some more benefits of our Tamarac senior day care center:

  • Cost-affordable elderly day care is the perfect alternative to pricey retirement communities and senior homes. You adult senior stays with you – and all you need to do is drop him/her or senior couples off and pick them up at day’s end. We handle all the rest!
  • We tailor all programs to fit your senior’s interest. The same also goes for snacks, which we base off your senior’s dietary or religious restrictions.
  • Seniors in and around Tamarac, Florida enjoy true independence and fun at our facility. This includes plenty of fun and productive activities; exercise programs, nutritional programs, games, movies, TV, music, dance classes, shuffleboard, board games, field trips and much more.
  • All activities are closely monitored by professional and passionate staff members and team. We always keep your senior’s health and restrictions in mind. This enables us to customize activities that meet your senior’s interests and needs.
  • Your adult seniors are always in good hands – this gives you the peace of mind and reassurance that they are having fun and are always looked after!

Tamarac Adult Day Care Activities

At the Senior Social Club, we are proud to feature a wide array of activities for members. In fact, we offer free tours for families and seniors that would like to join and participate. From arts and crafts to spa treatments, we truly help seniors live their lives to the fullest enjoyment. Our center activities include but are not limited to:

  • Proper nutritional guidance and support – health seminars, guest speakers and medication managements.
  • Incontinence care – we welcome all senior caretakers to our center as well.
  • Beauty, salon and spa treatments.
  • Easy access to all doctor’s appointments or checkups (medical personnel on-site or nearby).
  • Memory and dexterity activities and games.
  • Arts, crafts, and productive activities for one and all.

For more information on adult day care in Tamarac, simply contact us today or visit our website. We look forwarding to seeing your seniors and all of you today!