Adult Day Care For Your Ailing Parents

Your parents are getting older, and need more day to day care. You don’t like having in home care workers come to look after them during the day, but you have other responsibilities that you can’t drop to do it yourself. For many people, there doesn’t seem to be another solution that keeps both parents and their children happy.

Now though, there’s adult day care. It’s the perfect way to make sure your parents get the care they need, all while getting out and meeting new people. Here’s why it’s such a hit with many service users already.

What Is Adult Day Care?

Adult day care is a way of getting your parents the care they need, while giving them the chance to take part in activities that they may never had had the chance to try before. Day care centers are staffed by trained medical professionals, who will cater to your parents medical needs. Activity leaders will involve them in activities that they’ll love, and help them meet new people while they’re in the center.

Personalised Care For Every Member

When you sign your parents up, they’ll get the care they need. We’ll interview you and them in what they need day to day, so we can give them the assistance they require when you’re not around. Because our staff are all medically certified, you know that they’re in safe hands.

Adult day care

The Activities On Offer

The activities we plan every day are focused on improving your parents lives, and providing enjoyment in a friendly atmosphere. Every day, we’ll focus on providing a memory or dexterity activity, an arts and crafts hour, and a physical exercise. These are proven to help elders living with illnesses or disabilities to get more out of life.

We provide many different activities, here’s just a sampling of what your parents can enjoy:

  • Board games
  • Group trivia
  • Bingo
  • Lectures
  • Musical games

As you can see, there’s something there that everyone can enjoy!

Our Club Atmosphere

In The Senior Social Club, we base everything we do in the idea that people thrive when they’re together. Keeping your elderly parents at home can seem like the best idea, but isolation is a real and growing problem with our elderly community. Having your parents become members of a senior day care center is the best way to help them stay part of a community that cares about them. Our club style atmosphere helps our members feel as though they belong, all while they receive highly personalised care from the medical staff. The best part, though, is the peace of mind we can give you by caring for your parents when you can’t be there.

Our Mission Statement

The Senior Social ClubWe believe in compassion, care, and community. Here’s what each of those concepts means for us:

  • Compassion: We believe that compassion breeds trust, and should be at the heart of healthcare. When we care for the people who becomes members of our center, they can thrive.
  • Care: We understand that to provide the very best in care to our members, our staff need to be highly trained. All our staff specialise in elder care, and are dedicated to making sure your parents get the highest level of service possible. We also ensure that all staff have up to date training, so they’re always on the cutting edge of care.
  • Community: Our community is essential to the work we do. We work together with families and loved ones to ensure that the elders in our care get the best experience possible. Having a center to come to each day means that your parents have something to look forward to every morning. It’s also a space that they can relax in, something we strive to give to them.

Day Care For Seniors Is The Way Forward

As the population is getting older, we believe that we’re offering the future of elder care. Day care for seniors is the best way to ensure your parents are getting the medical care they need, as well as avoiding the real threat of isolation.

If this sounds like the perfect place for your parents, get in touch. We can help you give your parents more when they need it the most.